What is Creative Inquiry at GTC?

You’re taking classes to earn a degree in a field you think you want to spend your life in. Your degree plan is mapped out and you know what subjects you are going to be learning about for the next few semesters. One day after rushing to get to your first class, you sit down in your chair to relax, catch your breath, and listen to the professor. You really like English literature and especially enjoy this professor’s way of teaching.


You plan on transferring to a four-year college to major in either English or Business Administration, but you just aren’t sure which path to take. If only you could send a semester in a course working directly with an instructor as your mentor in, say English, on a project you have always wanted to explore. Delving into a subject with one on one guidance from an expert in the field might just help you make that career choice. Thankfully, Greenville Tech has a program that lets you do just that. You can sign up for a 3-credit hour Creative Inquiry course and work with a professor on a topic that interests you.