Spring 2023

A semester of Biology!

BIO 299: Learn and Apply Skeletal Anatomy to Determine the Biological Profile of an Unknown Skeleton

A group of students led by Professor of Biological Sciences Brad Caldwell will use basic understandings of human skeletal anatomy, and a small skeletal collection at Clemson University, to measure and create a basic Biological Profile of an unknown skeleton. A Biological Profile includes age, sex, and ancestry, and can be used to help identify unknown persons in various forensic/biological settings.

BIO 299: The Study of Targeted Improvement to the Geriatric Microbiome

A student led by Dr. Jeffrey Cox, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences will look at the effect of caring for the gut microbiome in geriatric patients and its ability to increase quality of life. They will explore how declining intestinal health affects an the aging population and what can be done to create care plans that address it prior to illnesses and the treatment thereof. Special focus will be on emerging science surrounding inflammatory conditions and degenerative illnesses of the brain.