MEC 299 Research in Applied Manufacturing

Professor: Mr. Raymond James

MEC 299 class photo

MEC 299 class

The insertion force project is a collaboration project with Clemson University. The team is tasked with developing and building a device on a mobile cart that can take two plugs and press them together. It will then give feedback as to the force needed to fully connect the plugs. This information can be used by a company to determine how much force is needed for robots to connect these parts. The project is a quarter of the way complete. We as a team have all of the parts, including the PLC package, ordered. A team member has drawn up the schematics for the project cart, while another member has made the wiring diagram. All of this information has been conveyed to our Clemson project team. Our next line of action is to integrate the Siemens program we’ve written over to the PLC system we have ordered once it arrives. As a team we are very excited to finish our project and present the finished product. This had truly been a team effort and we thank Mr. Raymond James for his leadership & guidance.