ART 267 Seminar in Photography SP 2020

Student: Hannah Arnette

Professor: Ms. Amber Eckersley

My name is Hannah Arnette. After completing my certification in Graphic Design and Photography in 2018 from Greenville Technical College, I knew that I wanted to further explore still life photography and continue to build a series of work. When I heard about the opportunity to take a Creative Inquiry class I was immediately interested. After speaking with my instructor, we came up with a photography class designed to allow me to combine my knowledge as a graphic design major with my passion for still life photography and color theory. My goal is to further explore building and photographing constructed images that are bright, playful, yet also calming, by using everyday household objects, high key lighting and vivid triad or split complementary colors. Another personal goal is to reach a better understanding of what I want to say through my images. Experimenting with light, color, shape, and balance, photography for me is like painting or drawing for others. It’s is therapeutic and self-expressive. It’s an escape from reality.

By the end of the semester my goal is to have a completed body of work ready for exhibition and to secure a gallery space for a show. Each image should have enough of a narrative to stand alone but should also work as part of a series. I’ll be using a Nikon D800 DSLR camera and printing on Red River Arctic Polar Satin paper.