SPC 298 Research in Communication

Estefania Cano

Instructor: Rachel Cobb


My name is Estefania Cano, and I discovered the Creative Inquiry program through the Honors Program at Greenville Tech, and I knew instantly that this program was perfect for my curiosity and caliber, as I have always enjoyed exploring the unknown and going out of my comfort zone to become the best communicator I can be. Going into thisEstefania Cano program, I knew exactly what I wanted to gear my focus on as I have always had a passion for communications, the concept of time, and culture. Last semester I took a class focusing on the impact communication has across different cultures and social groups. I learned about different taxonomies that affect the way different social groups and cultures react through certain aspects of life.

One of the taxonomies that interested me the most was Time Orientation. Time Orientation is the way a culture interprets time. I have always had a particular interest in the concept of time, as time is a continued progress of events. However, what I found interesting was how different social groups and cultures have arranged and measured time differently. Each culture teaches their society a specific view of time, and through that orientation, a being is developing their biological, psychological, social, and cultural self. The more I investigated this topic, the more I realized I needed to find out how much time really affects a societies business etiquette, religion, and communion within their society.

I will be investigating two specific countries Singapore (monochromic) and Morocco (polychromic) to compare and contrast how each cultures outlook of time affects their socioeconomic developments. Through my research I hope to not only further my knowledge in time orientation but also grow as a communicator through the several speeches in which I will share the research I have found on the complex and elusive concept that is “time”.