PSY 299 Research in Psychology SP 2020

Student: Brandon Riddle

Professor: Ms. Jill Walker

Brandon Riddle photo

Brandon Riddle

I was excited when I got an email inviting me to do a Creative Inquiry project. Credit hours and the ability to research sounded like the perfect opportunity to me. I knew I wanted to do something psychology related but I did not know any psych professors. I ended up meeting Jill Walker by walking into her office and asking if she was interested in working with me on a Creative Inquiry project. She was and after talking with her I narrowed down my idea. I’m studying how social media influences dog whistle politics. I’m doing this by studying how social media helps hate groups communicate and then why dog whistle politics are effective on social media. My end project will hopefully be being published in the Upstate Research Symposium and doing an oral presentation at the Greenville Technical College Student Scholar Showcase.