Fall 2015

Hannah Groh – BIO 299

Instructor: Kathy Maples

End of semester thoughtsDSC_1212

Creative Inquiry at GTC has been a great experience for me. I feel that no matter which career path I choose, the skills I have learned from this research will benefit me anywhere I go. I have learned a lot about persistence and teamwork. When a sampling method wasn’t working the way we thought it would, it was helpful to have Mrs. Maples to collaborate with. Together, we came up with new ways of fish collection. Several times we got stuck in the mud (literally), and had to get creative to find a solution. Along the way, many moments of frustration led to our greatest breakthroughs. For example, after we exhausted the most common collection methods, we were inspired to build our very own homemade trap. Participating in research has allowed me to innovate my own ideas and put them to the test, which has been both fun and rewarding. I recommend Creative Inquiry to any student that wants to pursue their own interests or is considering graduate school.

Tori Skelton – HSS 298

Instructor: Julie McArdle

My name is Victoria Skelton and I am a Creative Inquiry student conducting research
within the visual arts under Julie McArdle. My topic of study is un-covering the reason
Victoria Skeltonbehind gender bias within the art world. I am looking to art critics within New York city in
hopes to find solid reasoning for the lack of females being shown within galleries and
museums not just within New York but across the nation. I became interested in this
topic when studying modern art last spring, I was particularly interested in the feminist
art movement of the 1970’s-80’s. This lead me to discovering the Gallery Tally Project
conducted by artist Micol Hebron. Hebron found that out of all the galleries in New York
City only 27% were females. I hope to provide an answer to the follow up question,
“Why?” through my research this semester.

Autobody Repair Update – EGR 299

Instructors: Shane Isbell and Jason Hughey

Students working on the car.

These four students will be putting in a lot of time to repair the Impala and then donate to a needy family. From left to right: Nikkie Sims, Spanky Gilliam, Gingy Davis, Eden Mays.

Nikkie Sims

Let me first start off with who I am and what I do. I am Nikkie Sims a sophomore at Greenville Technical College’s McKinney Regional Automotive Technology center where I also work as a part of the Work-Study Program. My major is in Auto-body collision repair, I will be finishing my college career this spring with my Associates. During my time at GTC I have made it my goal to get my hands in on as many projects as I can, learn as much as I can and to be an active student. Recently I have been given the opportunity to work with fellow students on a wonderful project known as Recycled Rides. Eden, Gingy, Spanky (Josh) and I were approached with the idea for recycled rides by our administrators Jason Hughey and Shane Isbell who have wanted to partake in recycled rides for quite some time now. What is recycled rides? Recycled Rides was set into motion by the National Auto Body Council as a charity “Project” in which businesses recycled a wrecked vehicle by restoring it back to factory conditions, working alongside charities the businesses then donates the vehicle to a family or person in need. The National Auto Body Council set forth a way for the people of the automotive industry to give back to the community. With that being said once the Creative Inquiry class was introduced to Shane he knew this was his opportunity to get Greenville Tech. involved with Recycled Rides. Usually Recycled Rides is done by businesses, however creative inquiry has given us students at Greenville Tech. the opportunity to really research our career field by diving in head first into a start to finish collision repair. Creative Inquiry is giving myself and fellow students a truly great experience, we do not typically get the chance to work with a vehicle from start to finish during our time at school so the four of us involved are very lucky to say the least to be a part of something like this. Not only are we gaining very valuable hands on experience but we also get to walk away from this Recycled Rides project knowing that we with our own hands built a car back to factory conditions, that we put a safe and reliable vehicle into the hands of someone from our local area who needed transportation. It’s a win win, we have the opportunity to gain experience in our career field and then we are immediately able to give back to our community.

Eden Mays

Recycled Rides has been such a wonderful experience. I am honored to work with such amazing people for such an amazing cause. I cannot wait to present this project to a family and change someone’s life.

Josh Gilliam (Spanky)

Creative inquiry is an opportunity for me to give back to the community by helping out a family in need.

It is also helping me make valuable connections with people in my field of work.

Virginia Davis (Gingy)

Creative Inquiry with Recycled Rides is the opportunity to use my passion and give it back to the world. Not everyone can say that their passion can help change someone’s life and make a difference. But more than that, it’s an honor to be able to give it to someone in need.

How the fall 2015 semester began…

GTC Auto Body – Recycled Rides

A group of GTC Auto Body students are participating in the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides program.  Our students will be repairing a car, donated by Allstate Insurance Company, and then donate the car to a needy family. We are so proud of our students and love how excited they are to be a part of such a wonderful program.

The Chevy Impala they are repairing.

The Chevy Impala the students are repairing. As this photo was taken, the students were taking each part off of the car and inventorying it.

Students working on the car.

These four students will be putting in a lot of time to repair this car and get it in shape to donate to a needy family or individual in the local area.

For more information on the Recycled Rides program, please visit:  https://www.nationalautobodycouncil.org/programs/recycled-rides/

Student:  Hannah Groh

Instructor:  Kathy Maples

Course:  Bio 299 Research in the Biological Sciences

Hannah Groh 1This semester I am participating in a Creative Inquiry project studying the ponds at the Brashier campus. Ms. Maples and I will be exploring methods for fish collection in order to gain a better understanding of the population, health and various species of fish located in the ponds. I am excited to get experience handling animals, operating field equipment and learning how real-world research is conducted. As a Biology major, I am eager to expand my knowledge of the life sciences. It is my hope that by the end of this project I will have learned many skills that are beneficial to me in my future career.

Update on Hannah

Hannah and her mentor, Ms. Kathy Maples, have been continuing their work at the ponds on our Brashier campus. Since Hannah is interested in sampling methods, she has recently tried using a cast net in order to catch more species and it seems to be working!

Ms. Maples demonstrating how to throw the net

Ms. Maples demonstrating how to throw the cast net.

Practicing from the dock

Hannah practicing from the dock.

Hannah preparing to throw the net

Hannah preparing to throw the net while Ms. Maples keeps the boat in place.

Nice cast!

Nice cast, Hannah

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