BUS 299 Research in Business and Entrepreneurship

September 2022

My name is Lacy Polichio and I am currently in my last Semester at Greenville Technical College. I will be graduating with an associate degree in Applied Science – Culinary Arts. I have always had a love for cooking; I find it therapeutic, and it allows me to tap into my most creative side. I have several plans to utilize my degree as I have always been an entrepreneur.

In November of 2021 I was the winner of the Greenville Tech Entrepreneurship contest. I had taken the Entrepreneurship course with Instructor Jodi Ryall that semester and she encouraged me to enter with my canned pork green chili company, Vixie’s Spicy Green Chili. My plan is to sell quart-sized servings of the chili through the canning process at farmers markets and small businesses. We are a themed business based on 1950’s vintage style.

Instructor Ryall presented me with the opportunity to participate in the 299 Research in Business course the following semester. The course is designed to launch my business with a thorough business plan, valuable market research and business funding options. Our goal is to insure I have everything in place to be successful. This course has set me up with the tools I need to launch future businesses as well. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate!

December 2022

Spending the last semester on this project has been inspiring and informative. The duration of this class, I was able to focus and really pinpoint everything I will need to successfully launch Vixie’s Spicy Green Chili Company. I finished the semester with a thorough business plan and was able to create a realistic timeline as well as financial goals. It was so beneficial having Jodi’s guidance and input throughout the course. I will be moving back to Colorado in April and will begin launching Vixie’s around July 2023!