ENG 298 Research in English

Student: Kaitlyn Coons

Instructor: Chuck Baker

End of the semester

This semester has been incredibly enjoyable and worthwhile.  Working with Professor Baker on my creative inquiry has allowed me to explore a topic I have always been passionate about. I narrowed my research to focus on Hermione Granger’s characterization and agency in both the Harry Potter books and movies. Through this focus, I was able to examine the editorial changes and trends that transformed my favorite book character and the themes, characters, and plotlines she influences.

This project has opened many opportunities for me and has helped me grow as a writer and presenter. Completing this creative inquiry has given me insight on how to craft and conduct academic research. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to not only present my research, but to also have it published. I hope to continue my analysis of the editorial decisions in the Harry Potter Universe in the future.


Beginning of the semester

For my Creative Inquiry research project, I am exploring the editorial decisions and Kaitlyn Coons - picchanges that took place during the transformation of the Harry Potter books into movies.  Specifically, I will be looking at the decisions that largely impacted the themes and characters of the original written story.  My introduction to the Wizarding World began when I was in the 5th grade after I read the first book in the series.  I was captivated and my fascination with all things Harry Potter was born!  I have been passionate about the books and movies that followed ever since. The idea for this project culminated from my most recent binge reading of the novels over the summer while simultaneously watching the movies.  Older and more mature than when I first fell in love with the series, I began not only noticing but searching for the many differences in scenes, themes, and characterization between what is presented in print verses what is portrayed on screen. This peaked my interest and sparked my desire to explore these differences on a deeper level. I am looking forward to researching this topic and presenting my final project at the end of this semester.