EGR 299 Applied Research in Technical Fields

Student: Natalia Jenkins

Professor: Nancy Ewing

Natalia Jenkins - photo of student
Natalia Jenkins

This semester has been a great experience so far. I am collaborating with students in the THINKER program at Clemson University on an electrical connection project. The team is working to implement a robust process to minimize errors in electrical connections in automotive seats that could result in costly rework and safety problems for a manufacturing corporation. The team has taken a tiered approach, so we are simultaneously working on various solutions that work to augment the electrical connection process through sensors and intelligent systems. As I continue to work on this project, I look forward to the challenges that undergraduate research will bring and am excited to be working closely with industry. This will allow me to gain a more realistic perspective of the interaction between humans and IoT in a manufacturing environment. I am also looking forward to working in a team environment as I will be able to develop the skill of working effectively as a team member.