BUS 299 Research in Business

The following students are employees of BMW and are participating in the Road to Production Management program at Greenville Tech.

Jeffrey Aiken

With today’s ever changing advancement in technology, a company’s ability to locate highly trained and skilled workforce and retaining that individual is getting more competitive every day. With the investments that the individual and companies each have made, companies need to the best way to attract, retain and develop this highly valuable resource.

This will be a documented attempt at explaining the how companies are reaching out to the public sector to locate higher skilled workers and their processes of developing in house personnel to meet the changing needs within the company.


Michael Baker

With the declining number of individuals entering into the manufacturing sector and with the projected skills gap about to engulf the manufacturing world, companies must take immediate action to help future generations be able to encompass manufacturing as a career and they must erase the misconceptions of the manufacturing industry as people see it today.

Researching this topic has opened my eyes as to the seriousness of what the future holds for manufacturing. Being in manufacturing most of my adult life, I know what is important to me to help keep me in manufacturing. However, more must be done worldwide to help the youth of the world have an open mind when it comes to manufacturing.


Salem Davis

Salem picI started my creative writing project by selecting the topic of real time data collection and its effects on quality. I selected this topic because I have seen firsthand in my job, how using data properly and getting it quicker can drastically help improve quality. Throughout my research I had to narrow down my topic even more. I decided to use how to improve on the real time data we already have and use it more effectively. Some of the ways to do this is by getting the defect data to the responsible area as soon as possible, people actually using this data that they collect, having charts that actually have meaning and easier to understand, and having upper management share the information down to their processes supporters, so they can utilize it to help improve quality.


Ju Gu

Manufacturers use advanced manufacturing systems now days. As lean manufacturing, Ju Gu pica Value Added Production System (VPS) also aims to eliminate all waste during the entire manufacturing process, from customer order to delivery. The system helps companies save costs and time, uses less inventory, limits waste, easily monitors production functions, builds strong customer relationships, helps move the company forward, and stay competitive.

I have been in manufacturing for over 10 years and have basic knowledge of VPS principles. Through study and research on the VPS system, my goal is to gain knowledge of lean manufacturing. What are the principles? Why lean manufacturing is important, how it works and how to practice it in my daily work to achieve better quality, quantity, less waste and more efficiency to be successful in my future career and benefit the company going forward.


Matthew Hayes

After searching for info about this topic, it has help me to realize that we need help in the work force. There are a lot of ways that we can motivate this generation to get them were they need to be successful, and that is very important to me. We all fail sometimes whether big or small, but we must get up and keep pushing to do what’s right, stay humble and kind.

With today’s workforce there are many jobs to choose from and make a great career. With this generation coming up and entering the work force there is a lot of talent being lost with today’s workforce, and I’m not talking about trades and skills, I’m talking about having great work ethic and having great charisma, so that they can be successful as a person. To make this generation to be more successful, we have to be humble and be willing to learn about the changes that come our way from day to day. To overcome we must adapt to be successful with the everyday competition that is against us.


Ronald Hyatt

The focus of this study is to investigate employee retention problems in the automotive manufacturing setting.

This Capstone Project consists of articles written by industry professionals on the topic of employee retention.  Employee Retention information will be discussed for the four main departments: Assembly, Paint Shop, Body Shop, and Logistics provided by MAU Workforce Solutions at BMW.

Retaining employees in a labor intensive and fast-paced manufacturing work environment is difficult.  With the growth of the automotive industry, the supply of qualified applicants is more limited.


Tashia Jones

The purpose of this study is to understand that there are different Tashia Jones picpersonalities in the workplace and knowing how to work with them to improve work relationships. Knowing the many different personalities there are can better prepare for a easier work space because it can identify who to place into teams, when someone is out of their comfort zone, and it helps to know how someone will adapt to a certain situation.

I will be using different articles found online and the DISC website to help identify the different personalities and traits that can be found in the workplace. The traits of the personalities are very important as they will tell what the people in each category will be like. Which will make placement into teams easier, identifying comfort zones, and adaptations to certain situations.


Patrick Lyons

Hello, my name is Patrick Lyons and I’m writing my paper on quality in the automotive manufacturing industry with a global aging workforce. Over the past thirty years manufacturing employment has fallen thirty percent. During the late 1978-79’s the manufacturing labor force was at @ 19.4 million employees, current data from 2016-17 the employee number is @ 12.3 million. Within this workforce labor pool the driving age group is starting at 65. Looking at the age ranges of 25-55 you will see a growth rate of less than one percent. The age group ranging from 45-54 has a -0.8% growth rate. Looking at the younger labor force you will see negative growth. The younger workforce is choosing to not enter the manufacturing industry workforce.

Manufacturing quality starts with the labor force. An aging labor force introduces the industry to a more direct cause and effect scenario with respect to quality and process physical demand. My research project will explore this subject.


Angie Menegay

My name is Angie Menegay. Team building is my topic for the creative inquiry project. IAngie Menegay pic chose this topic because I believe team building is critical for an efficient, production, cohesive team. Teams consistent of individuals from many different backgrounds, belief systems, ages, etc. Finding a way to create a truly unified team is the key in creating an atmosphere where individuals unite to form the building blocks and structure needed for a strong and productive team. People generally are self-fulfilling. A strong team can be fulfilling not only for a company but also for the individual. Improving production, safety, skills and morale just to name a few.


Toby Sanders

The purpose of this study is to show the effects of poor training on overall quality in a Toby Sanders picmanufacturing environment, and to introduce multiple strategies for improving the training from its current state.

Researching this topic has surprised me to the fact that there are so many strategies for training. It can be very overwhelming trying to absorb it all. Many companies have tried many different ideas. I do not think I will have any trouble finding content for this research. I will say writing has never been something I enjoy. I do understand the value of it, but it is far from a passion of mine. This means I have to be very deliberate and focused when I sit down to work on the paper. I have not had to do this in a very long time.


Zach Sherbert

My Creative Inquiry Project focuses on building a mentorship program in a manufacturing environment.  I chose this topic because I was part of a mentoring program while in the military and the impact it had on me.  After leaving the military, I started working in manufacturing and I would always look to someone for advice to help me reach the next step in my career.  Honestly, I don’t think I would have advanced as far as I have in my career if I didn’t have the experience with mentoring that I gained from the military. My primary goal with this project is to help associates in the manufacturing field set goals and reach them. In return, this will bring competition in the workplace and will improve both morale and quality.  I’m excited about this project and I hope to show how beneficial mentoring can be.


Carlton Watts

With millennials set to make up 50 percent of the global workforce by 2020, and 75 percent by 2025, it has become of the upmost importance that employers who haven’t already adapted their companies to attract and retain this generation of workers start to think about making some changes. While there will always be some workplace issues created due to the generational gaps, the millennial generation is unique in many ways and demand different things from their jobs than previous generations while still sharing several similarities with the previous generations. Keeping them motivated is vital because motivated employees are better employees and the cost of turnover can sink the most profitable of companies.

Over the past few months as I’ve embarked upon completing this capstone project, I’ve found through research that this is one of the most researched topics in the world today.  Engaging millennials is something that is being focused on heavily in every industry from automotive to the military, with everyone seeming asking the same question of HOW?  As a result of my research I’m of the opinion that companies and leaders are making it more complicated than it has to be and millennials are very similar to prior generations once you peel back the layers to understand what matters to them.  Social Impact, Employee Recognition and Feedback, Career Development, Encouraging Socialization and Team Building, and Being Flexible are the five most important things a company needs to do to ensure millennials stay engaged in the workplace.