BUS 299 Research in Business

Student: Michelle Gee

Instructor: Marty Flynn

My CI course is about creating a UX (user experience) case study for the National Park Services (NPS.org). I was trying to do research for a trip I wanted to take post Covid, and during that research I had a lot of frustrations with nps.org; I found that the website was messy, confusing, and outdated. This caused me to want to create a case study for my portfolio. That same week I got an email about Creative Inquiry at Greenville Tech and I knew how effective they can be and I always wanted to do one when I was at Clemson University, however I never had time due to a high volume course load. After going to the presentation I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for me.

Michelle Gee

The case study itself focuses on finding the most effective way to present the necessary information that users identified, via survey, and designing a website that is easy to navigate and adheres to accessibility guidelines. This will allow me to do research, update the product, create a new design, and implement changes I and other users hope to see.

This course is a great opportunity to expand my portfolio and give me the experience many companies are looking for. My perfect scenario is that the National Park Services finds the work I created and implement some of the changes!