BIO 299 Research in the Biological Sciences

Hayley Atkins

Hayley Atkins - Blog Photo

I have decided to take advantage of the Creative Inquiry opportunity here at Greenville Tech with Mr. Caldwell because of my interest in the anatomy and physiology field. I am very excited for this journey and all the incredible opportunities it will bring. Upon finishing this course, I expect to have an even stronger knowledge of the skeletal anatomy of humans. I am hopeful that this creative inquiry will help me decide on a future college degree.



Angela Sparks

My name is Angela Sparks. I am currently working towards Christina Sparks picentering medical school, upon finishing my undergrad work. My interests lay under a biological foundation; I enjoy mulling over why the body works the way it does, and why it responds the way it does to certain ailments and medications. During my last semester at Greenville Tech, I have proposed to research the antimicrobial effects of colloidal silver. This is in answer to a question of what life would be like with the rise of superbugs (drug resistant infectant), and the decline of antibiotics.  Since this issue has become more prominent, I have noticed a steady increase of advertisements endorsing the supplemental form of colloidal silver. I find the prospect of advertisements’ claims, paired with the historical usage of silver in medicine, and the enigmatic qualities it has taken with the rise of antibiotics in the twentieth century, quite interesting, albeit suspicious as is the nature of most exaggerated claims in advertisements. I hope the results of the compilation of historical uses, current uses, and future prospects of the application of colloidal silver give a comprehensive insight to the advantages and disadvantages of metals used in medicinal practice, and to give individuals an informative look at a feasible alternative to antibiotics, in answer to the rise of superbugs.


Akiko Egawa

Hello everyone, I am Akiko Egawa. I studied Nutrition as my major 25 years ago. I am a Nutritionist, but I had been working as a flight attendant for 17 years. I use my knowledge about food and Nutrition to support my family’s health.

EgawaBlog Pic -1I’m interested in gluten-free products and gluten-free diet since getting rid of gluten seems like the latest trend. Many celebrities choose gluten free diet as a personal decision even though they are not celiac. They share their “healthier” lifestyle on blogs and gluten-free products became a huge market.

I know that gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. We are familiar with gluten since there are many food items contains gluten like Breads, Noodles (ramen, udon, soba), Pastas,

Baked Goods, Cereal, Granola, Pancakes and Beer. In Japan, we eat wheat gluten as raw (namafu), grilled (yakifu), deep fried (agefu) and dried (kansou fu), and use it as a ingredient of soup or sukiyaki. We also eat brown sugar coated gluten as a snack.

In my project, I built initial hypothesis such as “ for a person who is not gluten sensitive, there is no benefit to eating a gluten-free diet”. I will report on the causes of gluten sensitivity, and research to determine the benefits of eating a gluten-free diet for a person who is not gluten sensitive like me.

I’m excited to work on my project to eventually know my hypothesis is supported or not.