ART 299 Research in the Visual Arts

Student: Elizabeth Mira

Professor: Enid Williams

Photo of Elizabeth Mira

My project is centered on creating a body of work using the medium of printmaking.  It will include images created using three printmaking processes: solar plate etching, monoprints, and woodcuts.  These three processes differ greatly, which has led to a questioning of what unity means to me while exploring the themes which have inspired this project. Printmaking’s history as a process which made images more ubiquitous through mass production is a thread of thought which plays into this consideration.  Comparing printmaking’s rather ancient beginnings to the image saturated world in which we now live is a journey which feels generational.  It could also be interpreted as either dissolution or enrichment.  This idea embodies a very specific tension which I am trying to translate into imagery, one that acknowledges the improbability of life and exists somewhere between elation and volatility. The idea to explore this tension is also loosely inspired by Roland Barthes’s ideas about the photographic image. This type of course offers a freedom I haven’t experienced in formal schooling yet, and the chance it offers for exploration and refinement is a unique one.   And like the best educational experiences, it reminds me of how much there still is for me to learn.

Print work by Elizabeth Mira