Spring 2018 CI Information Sessions

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, we had our spring Creative Inquiry information sessions where invited students find out what CI is all about. Each semester we hold our sessions, the attendance grows, and this spring’s sessions held true to the prediction. We had 18 students participate representing several different majors and they showed up with some really good ideas for a semester in research!

For example, students were expressing interest in sociological studies involving schools’ impacts on revitalizing communities, human service research into a program at GTC for sexual assault awareness on campus, the effects of nutrition on brain functioning, the language of poetry and how it has changed over the years, and the study of telecommunications and its link with engineering fields.

We are hopeful that a majority of the students who visited with us last week will return as CI students in the upcoming semesters!


One thought on “Spring 2018 CI Information Sessions

  1. Hello Mrs. Edwards,
    Thank you for your follow up to CI. I really enjoyed the informational session last Tuesday. I am interested in the research class. I need to take a couple other class first so I am looking at Spring or Summer of 2019 to take the CI credits. I am very excited about the opportunity to work with you and other faculty members in the near future. Thank you for your ongoing dedication to research and education.


    Suzanne Floyd


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